Are you planning to add a Data Tree explorer (viewer)

Hey @dimitrie,

I know you are quite bust with 2.0 release plan. I have to know about that are you planning to add the specification/Location tree structure for each stream in BIM viewer. As I found that it is difficult to get the parent child relationship with current implementation. Do you have plan to add that ?

Location tree is referring to a tree structure view that potentially included:

  • Building 1
    • Floor 1
    • Floor 2
    • Floor 3
      • Room A1
      • Room B2
        • Wall 1
        • Wall 2
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Hi @Ritesh_Solanke, funny that you ask: exactly what we have been hacking on yesterday. Data in Speckle can be structured arbitrarily, but here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come:

Currently this is used as a “data explorer” in the 2.0 frontend; but a version of this will make its way to the viewer :sunglasses:


@dimitrie :slight_smile: such a coincident, in shared snap you have shown the structured data for wall, but are you maintaining, the building structure as well that I have shared.

Not exactly, but do keep in mind that ultimately you have in 2.0 much more freedom to slice and dice data from a stream!

For example, when sending from Revit, we currently split things up by categories - Walls, Floors, etc - as this structure helps a lot when pulling that data back out in grasshopper. We did prototype grouping objects by level too (and we might fall back to that if it proves to be a more sensible approach).

The structure you described can be articulated anyway: rooms will have references to their walls. On the speckle end, it’s difficult for us to enforce a given structure, as we can’t know in advance what the user will choose to send. For example, they might choose to send just the windows and doors in a Revit model; in Grasshopper/Dynamo, they can actually define whatever structure they need to; in Rhino we use the layers table structure.

Let’s keep the discussion alive, as we’re keen to see where this goes! The good news is, 2.0 Speckle can support in an efficient manner any kind of structure for your data!

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