Archicad 26 Speckle Connector

Hi everyone! Is there any way to install the speckle connector into Archicad 26? By default gets installed in Archicad 25. I have both installed.

Many thanks

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Hmm, this looks like a bug. I only have Archicad 25 atm but i’ll install Archicad 26, see if i can reproduce it. If that’s the case, then its definitely a bug.

P.S.: My bad, connector for Archicad 26 is not released yet

Full support for 26 is coming with the next release of the connector (due next week!)


Great! Thanks for the reply! We look forward to try it


Hey @gokermu,
Is this Archicad Connector 2.9.1 you are talking about?
If so I can’t seem to install it in AC26.
Could you please advise,
Many thanks

Hey @rorototo ,

That was the plan but we had some CI issues so we’ll publisha patch for 2.9 that’ll include support for AC26 (hopefully :crossed_fingers:).

Side note: Installers only work with International version of Archicad currently, on bot Mac and Windows.


@rorototo we have an alpha version ready to test if you wanna play with it (at your own risk :skull_and_crossbones:).


PS. I installed it on my device and it works just fine.

Great! Where can I download it?
No problem with testing, currently we are testing scenarios anyway. Production usage is further away.

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You can grab it from our “manager for speckle” app.

Just click the archicad connector and the select the Version tab :point_down:

2022-10-28 11.28.17